A Plea to the people of the United Kingdom

To my dear cousins across the pond, please vote to save yourselves and take the first necessary steps to save Western civilization- to not only regain what’s been lost, but to improve, and to truly “progress.”

This is a vote that actually matters. This isn’t a vote to see what overlord will plunder your pocketbook for the next few years.

This is a vote for decentralization. This is a vote for freedom of choice. This is a vote that gives you a real chance to save your nation and culture that your ancestors died to protect. Don’t hate yourselves; you are the originators of the Magna Carta. You pioneered and were able to recognize the inalienable rights of mankind: the right to life, liberty, and property.

You were never perfect. Yes, even after medieval times your ancestors conquered and killed. They unjustly killed among the Native Americans, they abused their domestic population to maintain the Empire, they gave monopoly power to giant corporations, they helped establish central and fractional reserve banking. They put the Boers into concentration camps, and stole their homeland. You engaged in the slave trade across the Atlantic, buying and selling kidnapped West Africans, and slaughtering and selling Irish people. All this and more.

None of this takes away from your accomplishments. This does not
mean you hate yourselves as a nation. You were the premiere nation that helped spawn a 5,000 year leap in human progress. You are the mother of Wilberforce, Newton (Isaac and John), Tennyson, Shakespeare, the King James Bible, Dickens, Churchill, Drake, Francis Bacon, Roger Bacon, David Livingstone, Doyle, Paine, Locke, Goodwin, Hobbes, Stuart Mill, Rhodes, Pitt the Younger, Lord Acton, Edmund Burke and many, many more. Those are just some of the men. Men that history remembers, not the countless men whose brave names are only known in heaven, and not intoned on our mortal earth.

The women! They bear names like Austen and Elizabeth, Victoria and Boudicca, Thatcher and Brontë. And the countless British mothers, small and great, who were mothers to all the rest of Britain.

You are the nation that did the most to end slavery- an institution that has plagued humanity mere years after Adam took that fateful bite of forbidden fruit. You have a great and glorious history. You are the mother of America, a fulfilling of the experiment that you started.

You are squandering your inheritance for the bowl of soup that is the EU. You can be proud to be British! Proud to be part of a nation that helped pull the world into the Enlightenment. Remember that your sons and daughters spread the Gospel of Peace to nearly every corner of the globe.

What makes you who you are? Among those lofty attributes is the elevation of the individual over the State. The right of people to alter and abolish their governments. It’s a belief in liberty and fairness, in common law established over millennia, a nation of learning, innovation, and freedom.

Do not bend your knees any longer to unelected bureaucrats in a continental capital. Do not be afraid to represent yourself to the world. Throw off your chains and the parasites who lord over you. Down with the fear-mongering politicians that claim to represent you. Did no one tell you that you have no right to squander your inheritance? The Lord commands you to be a good steward, and what you have inherited is good. Who are these cowards that say you can’t brave this world? That you won’t be able to trade?

This is nonsense! Who is it that explored the Seven Seas? Who delved into Antarctica? Who challenged empires old and new? They say that Britain can’t be afford to leave? With representatives like this, Britain cannot afford to remain. Cast off your gutless politicians to their entitled halls in Brussels, and embrace the world again. Come to terms with Europe not as the worthless EU, but as a continent with a venerable history of its own.

Help lead your European brothers and sisters out of this darkness. Your dear cousins in Holland are looking at you. The Irish are looking. The Polish did not throw off Communism to become enslaved again. Remind the Nordic people of their heritage, whose maritime history rivals yours, whose warriors and women line the halls of Valhalla, whose history is part of yours through Canute and William. They are all looking to Albion’s sails to see which way the wind of Liberty blows!

You are an island apart! Do not let those lights dim further. Light the beacons. Rouse yourselves- this is the most important vote so far in your life.

Then you can effectively deal with those at home who are not worthy of Britain. This is the time for words of heart and courage. Do it now- because if you wait until your culture is further destroyed, your institutions thrown down for ones run by people looking for an increase to their drug of power, if you keep pushing Britishness out and keep bringing in the ideologies and culture of Marxism and Islamic extremism, it won’t always be a war of words. As Stefan Molyneux might say, Speak the words! Speak the words! It is not the end until it is the end.

You were never perfect, but you are among the few, the happy few, a band of brothers, the best.

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

— The Second Coming
– William Butler Yeats

Do not lack conviction.

Why is this American so interested in what happens in Britain? Because I care about people. I care about the inheritance of Britain. I care about freedom. Yes, America and the Britain are two different nations, and that’s good. I might be a cocky colonial to you, but I do care. Both our countries have been and are a vital part of Western civilization. I care about freedom. A smaller government means less war and theft. I do not even like the idea of the European Union, and its purported benefits are falsehoods. Yes, I share an affinity for any country that is culturally similar to my own, AND to those that are free. Those who have a heritage of freedom, even if they have lost their way.

I love Britain, and I want the best for it.




A brief introduction

Child of Albion is a new blog written by an American whose ancestry through the male line is usually thought of as “Scotch-Irish.” While “the West” means much more than the sphere Anglo-American influence, the dominance of the English language in the cause of liberty and the freedom of the individual makes the triumph of Western Civilization significantly indebted to the peoples of Britain, Ireland and Wales (and the Isle of Man).